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This is translated with Google translate and will need correction

Wikigreen wants to contribute to a better future for present and future generations from an optimistic future. Prerequisite for this is that we balance resource use of the earth. And reuse A fair distribution of resources also pursued over the world. The question is how to achieve that balance.

Wikigreen provides information on the use of products and do not want to be prescriptive. The starting point for the use of products that we can provide for our needs and simultaneously conserve resources as much as possible. This is possible by carefully deal with five aspects of dealing with a product:

(1) know what the properties;

(2) purchases, focusing on long life and low energy consumption;

(3) use, focusing on long life and low energy consumption;

(4) repair, focusing on longer use;

(5) remove, directed reclaiming resources and preserve the environment.

These five aspects (properties, purchase, use, repair and delete) for each product always treated and translated into several languages​​, first in Czech, Dutch, later in French, German and English. The editorial is formed by teachers Obchodni Academy a Stredni Odborná skola Generala Frantiska Fajtla, Louny in the Czech Republic. And students of Dalton Lyceum Barendrecht in the Netherlands and The first initiative for Wikigreen was taken by the board of the Eurict Foundation. Also become an editor? Contact info <at>

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