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<strong>Newsletter 3 - 8 April 2016
<strong>Newsletter 3 - 8 April 2016

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Newsletter 3 - 8 April 2016 Sunday

On Sunday the Dutch group arrived at the airport. They drove to Louny by two small school busses. In Louny they were picked up by their guest families, had dinner with them and got to know each other in person a bit.


On Monday we started at school in one of the classrooms. We got to know each other by showing each other pictures of ourselves and our families and we were talking about project. We were discussing about the project and sustainability in general. This project is in the second year out of three years and its topic is Sustainability on meso-level. After the work we went to dining room, where we had a lunch. After that we walked around the school. At 1 p. m. we went to train station and we went to a village called Slavetin. We visited local farm, where we saw many animals like cows, bulls, goats, ostriches and lamas… We had a tour round the farm with the director of the farm, we were talking about sustainability in agriculture and we saw an interesting automatic milking machine for cows, which was produced in the Netherlands. The farm is very successful, especially because of their efficiency in milking. We could taste the fresh milk, which is very popular and people come to buy it there. In the evening we went to bowling alley to play a game of bowling.


On Tuesday morning we set off to Prague by bus. The goal was to visit the main office of water power station in Brezno, which we were going to visit on Thursday. We saw and heard what it is like to prepare and organise the construction of a water power station and the problems which the company had and still has to face. Water power stations are not very frequent in the Czech Republic but their meaning concerning ecology and sustainability is really big. After that we had a walk around the Prague Castle and across Lesser Quarter to Charles Bridge and the Old Town Square. The weather was beautiful, warm and sunny. We came back to Louny pretty tired. We spent the evening with our families tasting typical Czech meals.


On Wednesday we met at school again to continue our job. The task was to evaluate the questionnaires. We worked in groups and we evaluated the Czech and Dutch questionnaires separately. Then we tried to compare the results. After lunch we walked to company Patok. The company deals with the recycling of different kinds of waste, cleaning water so that it can be used as drinking water again and many other things extremely important for environment and sustainability. The guide was the owner of the company and he showed us around all the place. He also showed us a special waste processing machine made in The Netherlands which was for us very interesting. They have a pond with gold fish. The water looked really clean. In late afternoon we climbed the tower of our church. We could see not just Louny but all the beautiful hills around Louny and one of them, Rana, we also climbed.


On Thursday morning we met at school as usually and got down to work. Our task was to compare the results of questionnaires and to discuss them. Generally there are just minor differences between Czech and Dutch companies. We spoke about each of the ten questions. Then we each group spoke about the differences and similarities aloud. In the afternoon we went by bus to a nearby village where we visited an ancient village in nature. We learned how ancient people processed stone, wood, made pottery and worked in their small fields and talked about the sustainability in ancient times. We even tried some of the techniques. Then we visited the water power station and could see it from inside and outside. What was very interesting was the construction of a water way for fish to be able to travel in the river. In the evening we had final party which also visited the chairman of Club 2020. We spoke about our week, our work and all our experiences. We also learned a bit of Dutch and Czech. We will continue in Barendrecht. We also tried to play the typical Dutch board game “sjoelen”. The evening finished at 22 o ´clock. We were veeeeery tired. Especially after checking our mobile phones applications, which said we had walked almost 50 km during the whole week!


Last day on Friday we prepared our records to Wikigreen, to newspapers and to school web pages in Dutch and Czech. We evaluated all the busy week and then it was time to say goodbye to our Dutch friends, not for long. 31May we will see each other again in Barendrecht.