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Newsletter April 2017

Monday 3.4.2017

First, we went to school and we met the other people at the school. We did some activities to get to know each other because this was our first meeting as a group. After that we went to the puppet theatre and Lucas was telling us something about the history of the theatre which is the oldest building of a puppet theatre in central Europe. We also played with puppets ourselves. After that, we went to school again to eat lunch and work on the project. The project was about energy resources. We made a list of the resources, divided into groups. We were discussing how the life would be like without energies and what alternative solutions there would be. We also ranked the sources according to how much they are used in both countries and according the sustainability. Then we had free time. We hang out with the group. After that we went to play bowling and ate pizza together.

Tuesday 4.4.2017

In the morning, we had an excursion by train and we changed once. We went to the power plant in Ledvice, which is the most modern fossil and gas power plant in the Czech Republic. We visited the informational center about the production of electricity in the CR. The guide told us much information in details, which was quite overwhelming. We also watched a 3D-movie about sustainability and it was very nice. We could also walk inside the power plant in a model with a joystick, which we were watching on a large 3D screen. When we got back to Louny, we had late lunch at Caramell, it was very lovely. After that, we went to the park and hang out with the group in the nature. In the evening, we went to grab a kebab. After the kebab, we visited a bar; Deja Vu. We enjoyed it!

Wednesday 5.4.2017

We went on bus trip to Most. It is a newly built town from 60’s and 70’s last century, because the original old historic town dating back to 11th century was standing on a place with a lot of brown coal. So they torn the town down and started digging coal. First, we went to a lake which used to be a mine. Now it’s being used for recreational purposes. After this, we went to a racing horse track and stables. Before the racing track had been established, there were some villages at this location, then there were mines, and after the technical and biological recultivation, people can enjoy their free time surrounded by nature again. Next stop was a view point, where we could see an actual brown coal mine. Only at this point we could see the enormous difference of the countryside with a mine and a recultivated one. We visited the next three places, where mines used to be, and we could see a church, which had been moved by 900 m, so it didn’t have to be torn down with the rest of historical town. Finally, we drove close to Louny to a hill which we had to climb. We experienced a very nice view up there and could compare a real countryside to an artificial one. Then, we walked back to Louny and had dinner in a Chinese restaurant. We had lots of fun together.

Thursday 6.4.2017

On Thursday, we went by bus to Prague. First, we visited the Parliament of the Czech Republic. There, we had an appointment with a member of the Parliament who is concerned with the economy and the environment. We were discussing the current situation of the renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy in the Czech Republic and surrounding countries and were talking of the visions of the government, how to combine these two types and make it more efficient and about government motivating public to use green sources of energy. We also could watch for a while the meeting of the members of parliament and therefore we had to undergo several safety checkings. After our meeting, we walked over the famous Charles Bridge to Old Town square and had some time in a shopping centre. Then, we went by metro and bus back to Louny. In the evening, we had our final party, where we met the chairman of CLUB 2020, which organizes exchanges of people in Louny and Barendrecht. Then we went to Deja Vu.

Friday 7.4.2017

On Friday we went to school, where we worked on the project. This was our final day, so we were evaluating our stay. We were working in groups, discussing and then we were writing it down in all three languages. In the afternoon we said good bye. It was quite emotional. We are really looking forward to meet again in the end of May.