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Dear visitor,

The wikigreen project was created in collaboration with two schools and the intertwining cities Barendrecht (The Netherlands) and Louny (Czech Republic).

The intention is to map the next few years, which - at the macro level - are the most important energy sources in Europe. We have taken the lead in mapping out the situation in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic through a subsidized project of the European Union (Erasmus +). Also, the students of both schools, have attempted to advise on desirable developments in the energy supply.

Our project also included the handling of energy at micro and meson level. The information about this can be found on the Dutch, English and Czech link of this website.

We strive to expand the information on the macro-level situation (energy sources in different EU countries), so that all Europe's countries are finally mapped out.

We would like to invite schools from other European countries to complement this information.

We are also willing to share classroom programs in our internationalization classes with other schools. Your requests and any feedback on our project are welcome.

You can contact me, the coordinator of the project, if you have any questions or comments: