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A sock or stocking is worn on the feet to shield feet from cold and friction. They come in various sizes for sale.


Socks must be purchased in the right size. They have the same shoe size. Sizes Socks may be made of different materials. Choose material that is comfortable so that you can do with the long socks. Socks are socks for everyday use other than hiking socks, which are often made without seams to prevent friction during longer walks as much as possible.


Socks are the shape of the foot and to be attracted to the right without any folds. If leaves are folds in the sock down, arise and wear the sock harder. The socks must be at the correct temperature to be washed. The temperature is dependent on the material from which the sock being made​​.


This hole may be a hole in a sock is created, is stopped, "the stop of socks. On the Internet find out how a sock can be stopped.

Disposal: conserve resources

If there are in a municipality clothing collection containers, you can still usable, but no more useful socks in the container. They are sorted by usability. If there are no containers are then a sock residual waste.

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