Recommendations june 2016

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Question 1

The government should pay the companies to buy solar panels. This is because it is very good for the environment. The companies can pay the government back after a few years with energy. 

Question 2

It’s not necessary to  do something about the recycling because a huge part of the companies already are recycling and besides, not every company uses material to recycle. 

Question 3

Czech companies should recycle more, to get them to recycle more, the should give them grants for recycling.

Question 4

Dutch companies use more natural fuel, government should promote this more and should give grants for natural fuel.

Question 5

The companies have to do nothing because the results are good.

Question 6

More companies need to keep money to support charities.

Question 7

The companies have to make sustainability the most important thing in their company. Most companies want to make a lot of money. Instead of putting the money as the most important fact they have to make sustainability the most important. Because you won’t make a lot of money if the environment is damaged. 

Question 8

To reduce the CO2 emissions, companies must use a catalyst, what is already done by cars to reduce the SO2 emission.

Question 9

It is better to buy the raw material close to the production place. This is the most efficient, because you don’t have to spent so much energy (and money) for electricity and fuel. The government can’t really do anything about this, only the companies can handle this situation.

Question 10

The results are great, but the Dutch companies can do better. The government can make a law so the Dutch companies have to separate different kinds of trash.