Interpretation of the survey on sustainability (on a micro level)

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Most of the people in both countries have more than one car, but 10% of the Czech people doesn’t have a car. But it is very peculiar, that the Czech people use their car more often according our results of the survey.

Electric devices

Dutch people use more electric devices in the morning than the Czech people. Most of the Duth people use three or more devices and most of the Czech people use only two electric devices in the morning. We can conclude that it is for the Czech people too expensive to buy a lot of electric devices.

Food, drinks and water

We all throw our food a way one or two times a week. The Czech people are more aware of throwing the food away. Throwing food away six or seven times happen 12% by the Dutch people and 8% by the Czech people. The Czech are more aware of sparing water. We both will spare water with turning of the crane hen we brush our teeth.

Separate trash

More Czech people separate trash, it is 75% and for the Dutch people it is 54,7%. This is because the Czech people must separate their trash and the Dutch people can choose if they want to separate their trash.